The Team

Here are the people behind the chemistry


Already spending most of his time writing in the office or agonising over what glassware to spend precious funding on, find out more about Terrys back ground here.

PhD students

The ones doing all the hard work! Meet our PhD students

Master students

Our current Master Thesis students, pushing the boundaries of main group-transition metal chemistry (just for a slightly shorter time)

Previous students

The students that have been through the Hadlington lab so far, all playing an important role in our chemistry!

Master Thesis Students

  • Anton ‘Toni’ Fischbacher (TUM) – GaI Single-Centre Ambiphile complexes of Ni0

Master Intern Students

  • Yingzhe Nan – Tripodal group 13 Single-Centre Ambiphile ligand scaffolds
  • Tommy Andrijanic Bis-acyclic tetrylene ligand scaffolds
  • Björn Smolka – Bis-Single-Centre Ambiphile ligand scaffolds
  • Tim Wellnitz (LIKAT Rostock) – Low-valent group 14 chemistry with P-funked amides
  • Emerick Schubert (TUM) – Tripodal germylene Single-Centre Ambiphile ligands
  • Richard Zell (TUM) – Low-valent tin hydrides for hyddrosilylation catalysis
  • Lena Schrock (TUM) – Aryl-Germylene Single-Centre Ambiphile ligands
  • Alexander Frantz (TUM) – Accessing Single-Centre Ambiphile complexes of 16-election Ni0
  • Kristof Hintzer (TUM) – InI Single-Centre Ambiphile complexes of Ni0
  • Julien Zuber (TUM) – Phenyl-derived chelating bis-phophinidene ligands